Qualifying Events

Open Enrollment is a set time once a year where you can make certain changes to your medical or dental insurance without providing documentation. To enroll in an insurance plan outside of Open Enrollment, you must experience a “Qualifying Event”. Examples of a Qualifying Event include the following:

  • New student at ISU registered for 5 credits or more
  • Marriage
  • Declaration of Domestic Partnership
  • Divorce
  • Birth or Adoption
  • Loss of prior health or dental coverage
  • Spouse and/or child(ren) arriving to the U.S. from another country
  • Yourself, spouse, and/or child(ren) leaving the U.S.
  • Newly hired for a Research/Teaching/Administrative Graduate Assistantship
  • Newly eligible for other coverage through an employer and have taken the coverage

How to add or drop coverage due to a qualifying event:

All required documents must be submitted at the same time or they will not be accepted. 

  1. Complete the Enrollment/Drop Form.
  2. If you are adding a Spouse/Dpmestic Partner please fill out and return the Declaration of Spouse/Domestic Partnership
  3. Provide supporting documentation for the event. Examples of supporting documentation include:
    • Loss of coverage - Letter from your former insurance provider or employer listing the last day of coverage. A certificate of health care coverage is preferred.
    • Newly eligible for other coverage - Letter from your new insurance provider or employer listing the first day of coverage.
      • A certificate of health care coverage is preferred.
      • Insurance ID cards rarely have the effective dates on them.
    • Arriving in U.S. - Copy of a stamped visa/passport or I-94 travel history
    • Marriage - Copy of the marriage certificate
    • Birth - Copy of the birth certificate
    • Leaving the U.S. - Copy of a stamped visa/passport or I-94 travel history
  4. Most changes are effective the first day of the month after the event takes place.
  5. Undergraduate/Graduate students without an assistantship cannot drop the dental insurance during the academic year due to the annual premium being paid in full at the beginning of the year/semester.

Deadline to make changes:

If you think you might be eligible to enroll, don’t delay! You can only enroll and make a changes to your health coverage with a qualifying event during a specific time frame.

  • The required paperwork must be submitted within 31 days of a qualifying event.
    • EXCEPTION: Must be completed within 60 days of a birth or adoption of child.