2023-2024 Timeline for Waivers:

Summer Term 2024 Waivers Due Date May 31, 2024

Fall Semester 2024 Waivers will be accepted Starting July 1, 2024 - Ending September 26, 2024

Waivers will no longer be accepted for the Spring 2024 Semester except for one of the following reasons

Waivers for OPT, Graduate Assistants or Newly Arrived in US will be honored for 31 days after the day of hire or arrival.

International Students

 ISU requires nonimmigrant international students and their dependents to purchase and maintain coverage through the ISU health insurance plan for the duration of their tenure at the university. There are select situations where we will allow a waiver. 

Domestic Graduate Assistants

All Graduate Assistants are enrolled into the ISU SSHIP Medical coverage. Some Domestic Graduate Assistants can waive the medical coverage if they meet the criteria.

Domestic Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Domestic Undergraduate Students and Domestic Graduate Students without an Assistantship are not required to be on the ISU SSHIP. No waivers are required to deny medical coverage. 

Completed waiver form AND all supporting documentation can be submitted:

  • By E-mail:             isusship@iastate.edu
  • By Fax:                  515.294.8226
  • In-Person:             University Human Resource Service Center, 3810 Beardshear Hall

Within 31 days of the new semester or your arrival at ISU.

For exact dates see above for the 2023-2024 Timeline for Waivers

No, you must only submit a new waiver if your previous waiver expires or your status changes. Financial Guarantees are generally issued for one year, so this is an example of an expiring waiver.

Allow one to two weeks for UHR to review the documents. The approval or denial decision will be communicated to the student through their official Iowa State University e-mail account.

Credits will be completed one to two weeks after the student receives the waiver approval e-mail.